Bora Care Termite Treatment Review – Updated for 2023

Compared to their minuscule sizes, the severity of damage caused by termites can be staggering. If you seem to be in a never-ending battle with these damaging critters, chances are, you want a practical solution that is also long-lasting and non-toxic. The Bora Care Termite Treatment is one solution that fits this description to a TEE.

Among the avalanche of termite products that promise instant results, Bora Care is one of the few ones that is backed by research, loved by builders, architects, homeowners, and of course, pest pros. It is also approved by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Here’s a rundown of what I will provide in this Bora Care Termite Treatment review.

  • First, I will talk about the features as well as the benefits of the Bora Care Termite Treatment.
  • Then, I will discuss the drawbacks of this termite treatment.
  • I will also give you a highlight about the Nisus Corporation, the company that makes the Bora Care product.
  • And finally, you will get to read customer reviews so you can make the most informed decision.

Let’s get started!

Bora Care Termite Treatment Review (Updated for 2023)

Nisus BORACARE, For Insects
  • Restricted use: No
  • Shipping Restriction states: AK, CA, CT, HI, IN, MI, NY, OR, RI, SC, VT, WA
  • Target Pests: Cockroaches, Palmettobugs, Waterbugs, Ants (Excluding Carpenter Ants), Silverfish and Darkling Beetles, Drywood Termites; Follow label for all listed pests
  • For use In: Residential & Commercial: Industrial, Municipal, Institutional, Recreational, Health Care, Educational, Daycare, Agricultural Buildings, Garages, Sewers, Animal rearing and handling...

To begin the review of this termiticide, let’s take a look at its features and benefits.

Features and Benefits of Bora Care Termite Treatment.

  • It works effectively on dry wood, subterranean as well as Formosan termites.
  • It also works against carpenter ants, beetles, and wood borers and prevents algae and wood decay.
  • Borate is a mineral salt that works on the wood that the termites affect but does not affect the soil. This means it is safe for the water supply as well as the overall environment.
  • As a pre-treatment, it works as a barrier but is also effective on active infestations as it kills the insects on contact. It also protects the treated area from fostering future infestation.
  • Bora Care can be used seamlessly on all materials that are cellulosic. This includes wood, cardboard, plywood, oriented-strand boards, and wood composite structural components, among others. It can also be applied to concrete, which deters the tubing from termites, especially Formosan termites.
  • This termiticide does not contaminate the soil or the water, which means you can use it safely, even in close proximity to water sources such as aquifers, rivers, and lakes.
  • Bora Care is also one of the few termiticides that are chemically compatible with plumbing pipes, including CPVC and Noveon pipes. It does not damage or corrode the pipes as well as the metal components in the plumbing system. This means you can use it with pipes from all the major companies, including BlazeMaster, FlowGuard Gold, and Corzan, among others.
  • Unlike other types of soil termiticides, Bora Care does not require gallons of water. Application of Bora Care on an average home has been proven to save up to 300 gallons of water. 
  • Application is easy and does not affect the construction schedule as the builders can continue on their work even as the Bora Care termite spray is applied. It is typically applied during the dried-in phase of construction so the builders and pest department can work side by side irrespective of the weather.
  • Bora Care is one of the first termiticides that meets the sill plate end-cut requirement set by the American Wood-Preservers’ Association as well as the International Building and Residential Codes.

Special Features of Bora Care Termite Treatment.

  • Active compound – It contains 40% Borate or Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate.
  • Very versatile – It can be used as a pre-treatment on wood structures, a protective barrier from future infestations, and also works on active infestations.
  • Non-toxic – Boracare termites treatment is non-toxic to pets as well as humans. It is also a low-odor spray, which makes it very safe to use.
  • Long-lasting treatment – Since the treatment is concentrated on wood, incidences such as leaking pipes, landscaping, and excavation do not reduce the efficacy of the treatment.
  • Saves resources and time – The application of Bora Care is not weather dependent, which saves a lot of time for home builders. The quick and effortless application also saves time and resources, such as water.
  • Environment friendly – Bora Care is the award-winning termiticide chosen by the Green Builder Magazine in 2006. Unlike other termite treatments that are very toxic to the soil, water, and the environment in general, Bora Care emits very low Volatile Organic Compounds, which makes it safe for the environment. In the United States, the use of Bora Care has reduced up to 120 million gallons of toxic termiticides from being used.
  • Indoor and exterior use – Bora Care has a distinct advantage as it can be used in exterior as well as interior wood structures. Some termiticides are highly toxic, which makes them unsuitable for use indoors. In this case, you can use the termite treatment inside your home without concern for its toxicity.

Drawbacks of Bora Care Termite Treatment.

  • You need a separate sprayer – This termite treatment comes in a gallon type of packaging. This means you need to purchase a separate sprayer to use the Bora Care termite spray.
    • Using a separate sprayer, of course, will not be a problem if you are using the service of a professional pest controller. But if you are applying the termite spray yourself, you need to take this into consideration.
  • It takes time to work – As effective as it is, Bora Care can take up to 30 days to fully penetrate the wood structure. Of course, when you compare Boracare Vs Termidor or Boracare Vs Timbor, 30 days is a definite improvement.
    • However, this can be an issue if you have active termite infestation as 30 days gives enough time for the termites to thrive and multiply. The duration of time it takes to work will also depend on some factors, including the thickness of the wood as well as the content of moisture in the wood structure.
  • Requires precise dilution – For Bora Care to work effectively, an accurate dilution of Bora Care and water in the ratio of 1:1 is needed. This won’t be a problem for a pest professional, but if you plan to use Bora care treatment spray as a DIY, this can be tricky.
  • Not widely available – Bora care termite treatment is not available in some states, particularly in New York. Since this termiticide is known for its efficacy and is beloved by builders and homeowners, getting your hands on it can be a problem.

Bora Care Termite Spray.

Nisus BORACARE, For Insects
  • Restricted use: No
  • Shipping Restriction states: AK, CA, CT, HI, IN, MI, NY, OR, RI, SC, VT, WA
  • Target Pests: Cockroaches, Palmettobugs, Waterbugs, Ants (Excluding Carpenter Ants), Silverfish and Darkling Beetles, Drywood Termites; Follow label for all listed pests
  • For use In: Residential & Commercial: Industrial, Municipal, Institutional, Recreational, Health Care, Educational, Daycare, Agricultural Buildings, Garages, Sewers, Animal rearing and handling...

Bora Care termite spray is relatively easy to apply. For professional pest controllers, it is a piece of cake. However, even homeowners who use this termiticide also find it easy.

To get the right solution of Bora care and water, it is best to use tap water. Using a drill with a mixer head is an easy but effective way to get the perfect solution. As mentioned above, you will need a separate sprayer, which you can buy either from Nisus or another brand.

Another great advantage of Bora care is that the treatment can be either sprayed or rolled. This offers excellent versatility and convenience to pest control professionals or homeowners. If you are using the Bora Care termite spray for the first time, it is a good idea to use a colored dye, so you know exactly where you are applying the product. But even without the colored stain, first-time users have little to no problem with the application.

Boracare Vs Termidor/ Boracare Vs Timbor.

The debate of Boracare Vs Termidor and Boracare Vs Timbor is a very popular one. Each of these termiticides is effective in its own way. However, between the three termiticides, there are some distinct differences.

Below are the differences between Boracare, Termidor, and Timbor.

  • Bora care works effectively as a pre-treatment as well as an active infestation. Termidor, on the other hand, may work on active infestations but is not very useful as pre-treatment. Although Timbor works excellently as a protection, it is not very effective on active infestations. It is a powder that is only capable of working on the outer layers of the wood.
  • To apply Bora care, you don’t have to know the location of the termites. Simply spray it, and the borate will gradually kill the termites when they ingest it. However, in the case of both Termidor and Timbor, you need to drill holes and use them. Unless the termites come in direct contact with the termiticides, it will not be effective.
  • Bora care and Timbor are primarily designed for use in wood structures. On the other hand, Termidor is not meant for wood treatment specifically. This is the reason why drilling holes is required before its application.
  • Bora care termite treatment remains throughout the entire life of a wood structure. This makes it an excellent treatment for preventing future infestations. However, both Termidor and Timbor do not stay in the wood, which is why they don’t work against preventing infestations.

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About Nisus Company.

Nisus is known for its effective pest management products as they are for their care for the environment. Founded in Knoxville, TN, in 1990, the company first introduced Bora Care as a wood preservative. But its efficacy for arresting termite growth as well as other insects pushed it to become one of the best products in pest management. 

The company has since become a force to reckon within the industry. Apart from its star product, aka, Bora Care, it has also started producing wood preservatives including the famous copper naphthenate, DOT, and other borate products. As one of the forefront companies that lead the Green Pest Management Movement, Nisus continues to make effective and innovative products that are also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Bottom line.

Having considered all the reviews and the research that has gone into Bora Care, it is hard not to acknowledge it as one of the best termite treatments on the market currently. It is not only effective as a pre-treatment and preventative barrier. It works effectively in areas where there is active termite infestation.

Most termiticides either work on an active infestation or as a pre-treatment. In this regard, Bora Care is a triple threat. Of course, it also prevents wood decay, which is fantastic.

Many users have commented that it takes some effort to mix Bora Care. But if you use a drill with a mixing head, it shouldn’t take more than four minutes to get the perfect solution. Application of this termiticide is also effortless, which makes it unbeatable.

Compared to other termiticides on the market, Bora Care is not the most affordable. But considering that it remains effective for many years after application, it is worth every cent that you pay on the initial purchase.

So go ahead, check out the Bora Care termite treatment for yourself, and get rid of termites once and for all.

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