Texas Panhandle Braces for Serious Termite Issues in 2023

Battling Termites in Texas: Tools, Techniques & Prevention

As the Texas termite season surges on into late Spring, homeowners and commercial property owners across the state are on high alert for signs of these relentless pests. Texas, having the highest concentration of termites in the country, is particularly susceptible to extensive property damage caused by these wood-eating insects that are fast to colonize, … Read more

Termites in the Spring - Infestation Prevention Tips

Termites in the Spring – Infestation Prevention Tips

As the temperature rises, termites become more active and can cause significant damage to your home or office building. Avoid costly repairs by following these helpful springtime prevention tips that will keep you a step ahead of those pesky pests: Eliminate Moisture If you want to protect your home from termites, then it’s essential that … Read more

prevent termites naturally

How to Prevent Termites Naturally

Inspect the foundations of your house: Regularly inspect your house exterior. This includes your walls, floorboards, patios, windows, attics, and basements. If you see discolorations on wood, mud tunnels, or hear hollow sounds, your house could be infested. This gives you the cue to upscale your preventative measures. You can also call a professional to … Read more

termite mound and view of a sky

Termite Mounds: Why You Should Care About Them

Termites are social insects with accurate hierarchy and sharp nature for self-protection. They belong to Phylum: Arthropoda, the Class: Insecta, and Order: Blattodea, or sometimes called silent destroyer. According to the pestworld, it is found that there are almost 2,000 different species of termites, but all of them create spectacular termite mounds. Different species have … Read more

two men doing house inspection

Guidelines for Hiring the Right Termite Control Company

Different people all over the world experience different pest problems, and one of them is termite infestation. Identifying and eliminating these pests is not an easy job to perform as they can easily hide and thrive almost anywhere. It’s the responsibility of a termite control company to identify their location and eliminate the threat. Termites … Read more

how to install termite bait stations

Complete Guide to Installing Top 3 Termite Bait Stations

Termites are stealthy pests, so it’s just right that you employ equally clever solutions. If the mites haven’t invaded your home yet, termite baits are your weapons for colony destruction. These bait kits will help you kill mites round-the-clock. You only have to know how to install termite bait stations and you’re all set. In this … Read more