Talstar P Reviews – UPDATED 2022 – Safety, Instructions & More

In most instances, effective pest management warrants the services of a professional. Correspondingly, most pesticides and insecticides can only be legally handled by certified individuals. This can require time and, of course, money.

Talstar P is one of the few professional-grade insecticides that can be safely handled by homeowners without any safety or legal concern. It is hailed by many users, both homeowners and pest professionals, for its active ingredients. But the fact that this pesticide works on a multitude of insects is also what makes this product highly sought after. This insecticide is known by different other names, including Talstar Pro, Talstar P, Talstar One, and Talstar Professional.

Here’s a rundown of what I will provide in this Talstar P review.

  • First, I will discuss the features of this pesticide as well as its benefits.
  • Then I will give you a rundown of the drawbacks of this pesticide.
  • Next, I will talk about Talstar P safety and the mixing instructions.
  • I will also be talking briefly about the manufacturer of Talstar P.
  • Finally, I will provide reviews from verified customers so you can make the best-informed decision.

Talstar P Reviews – UPDATED 2020.

Let’s begin the review by talking about the features and benefits of this broad-spectrum pesticide.

Features and Benefits of Talstar P.

  • It works effectively on more than 75 different types of bugs, including cockroaches, termites, fleas, bed-bugs, millipedes, spiders, and ticks.
  • Kills insects and bugs on contact but also work as barrier protection. If you apply the pesticide correctly and allow it to dry completely, the barrier protection works up to three months without needing reapplication.
  • The insecticide needs to be mixed prior to use, but it can be done without much effort.
  • This insecticide is water-based, so it does not harm the vegetation, the soil, or the environment in general. 
  • Talstar P does not leave any stain or residue after it is applied.
  • It is also odorless, which makes it ideal for indoor use, including food handling areas.

Special Features of Talstar P.

  1. Active ingredient – The active ingredient of Talstar P is 8% Bifenthrin. The chemical in its pure state can remain in the soil. However, the concentration in Talstar P is mild, so it does not remain in the soil. It is also further diluted before application, which reduces the toxicity of humans and the environment.
  2. Indoor and outdoor use – Along the same lines of mild concentration and low-toxicity, this insecticide can be safely used indoors and outdoors. There are some insecticides that are meant specifically for outdoor use due to their high toxicity. It also does not contain any alpha cyano group responsible for a number of health concerns. In this regard, Talstar P is a champ. Make sure that you, the children as well as pets stay away from the treated area up to 30 minutes of treating your house.
  3. Excellent coverage area – Talstar P comes in ¾ of a gallon or 96 oz (3.63 kg). Packaging. This can be diluted to get up to 192 full gallons of the solution. The mixed solution can be used to spray an area of about 1,000 sq feet, which is fantastic. The area covered by the solution will depend on the dilution rate used in the solution, which will be determined by the level of insect infestation. But if you follow the recommended dilution rates, the area mentioned earlier, can be covered.

Drawbacks for Talstar P.

Now it’s time to look at the drawbacks of Talstar P.

  1. Manual mixture is required – Talstar P comes in a concentrated form, so you need to mix it before applying. Although the process of mixing this solution is not very difficult, you need to mix it in the right dilution rates, which can be tricky.
  2. Requires a separate sprayer – This insecticide also requires a separate sprayer for application. A 1-gallon hand sprayer is recommended to spray the solution in an effortless manner.
  3. It may not kill all the insects – Although this is an effective insecticide, it does not kill all the 75 types of insects as it is claimed. It may work during the first couple of sprays, but it is not a long-term solution for all types of insects.

Talstar P Safety – What You Should Know?

Despite the low level of toxicity associated with Talstar P, there are some safety procedures that you need to follow. This is essential so as not to expose yourself or others to chemicals present in the insecticide.

Practical tips for Talstar P safety.

Before you use this insecticide, you should read the label carefully. This way, you will know how to use the product effectively and in a safe manner.

  • Wearing protective clothing while handling, mixing, and spraying Talstar P is a must. This includes a respirator, protective goggles, gloves, and overalls. Exposure to Talstar P through the skin and eyes and inhalation can be toxic for humans.
  • In case you spray this insecticide inside a house, make sure that it dries completely before you, the kids, and the pets enter the area. This is crucial as wet insecticide can be toxic to pets and children.
  • Before you spray this solution inside your home, make sure that all areas where food is handled or processed is covered. You should also give the area a thorough scrub after the treatment is completed. 
  • Edibles and food items should also be properly covered and stored before the application of the insecticide.
  • Do not leave the sprayer, or the can with the solution unattended. Instances of children getting sprayed on while the sprayer was left unattended have been reported.
  • Take care not to spray Talstar P while kids or pets or any other animals are around.
  • While spraying the solution, make sure that you are spraying away from you, and in the direction of the wind. Do not attempt to spray Talstar P, or any insecticide for that matter, against the wind. Take extra care while spraying the insecticide in an area that is above your head.
  • Leftover Talstar P solution should not be stored in direct sunlight or in extreme cold or near a heat source. This can lower the efficacy and the lifespan of the insecticide.
  • Talstar P should never be sprayed on a water source, watering equipment, or animal feed.

For more information on Talstar safety tipsclick here.

Talstar P Mixing Instructions.

Talstar P comes in a concentrated form, so you need to mix it before applying. Below I am sharing my tried and tested mixing instructions for this pesticide.

Pro-tip: Irrespective of the level of concentration, using tap water makes the best solution. Mix the solution in a large bucket using a drill with a mixing head if you want to reduce the mixing time.

  • If you want to use Talstar P for slight insect infestations or as a preventative measure, you will need a 0.2% dilution. For this, you need to mix one gallon of water with 0.33 fl oz of Talstar P.
  • If you need to use this insecticide for severe infestations, you need a 0.06% dilution. For this, you need to mix one gallon of water with 1 fl oz of Talstar P.
  • For mild infestations and general use inside the house or around the house, a 0.031% dilution will suffice. For this, you need to mix one gallon of tap water with 0.5 fl oz of Talstar P.

Take a look at the mixing recommendations published by FMC, the manufacturer of Talstar Professional, by visiting this link.

Talstar P Vs. Tempo SC – How They Compare?

Talstar P Vs. Tempo SC is a pretty common comparison made in the insecticide realm. They are both very potent insecticides and are classified as professional grade.

However, the two insecticides have a number of differences which I am detailing below:

  1. Different active ingredients – This is the main difference between the two insecticides. Talstar P contains 7.9% Bifenthrin, while Tempo SC has 11.8% Beta cyfluthrin as the active ingredient.
  2. Different companies – While this may not directly reflect the products, for comparison, this is also an important factor. Talstar P is manufactured by FMC Corporation, which is a chemical manufacturing company based in the United States. On the other hand, Tempo SC is a product of Bayer AG, which is a global manufacturer of several solutions and is based in Germany.
  3. Level of toxicity – The level of toxicity on humans and pets is considerably high in the case of Talstar P. Tempo SC is mostly non-toxic to humans as well as pets. However, exposure in larger doses can be toxic. 
  4. How they work – Talstar Professional kills insects on contact, but it also works as a residual killer. This means that insects that ingest the treated food source will be killed. On the other hand, Tempo SC is not an effective insect killer on contact. However, it is a very potent residual insect killer. Any insects that ingest the treated food will die. It also prevents the bugs from reproduction, which is fantastic.
  5. Target pests – Both Talstar P and Tempo SC targets about the same types of pests and bugs. These include arachnids, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, and beetles, among others. However, according to the brand claims, Talstar P targets up to 75 different types of pests, while Tempo SC targets up to 100 different pests.

About FMC Corporation.

FMC Corporation or Food Machinery Corporation is a chemical manufacturing company based in Pennsylvania, USA. It was founded in 1883 by a chemist, and it has since been producing insecticides. In recent years, FMC has also ventured into other industries, including lawn and garden equipment, food processing, as well as technologies.

Despite the immense success with over $2.8 billion, the company remains committed to its roots by producing high-quality products such as Talstar P. It has remained a favorite of pest management companies as well as homeowners looking for an effective solution for pest control.

Bottom Line.

By all accounts, Talstar P is a champ when it comes to taking rid of pests and insects. It delivers excellent results within a relatively short period and works long after the application is over and done with. Apart from its outstanding performance, it is also not restricted for use by pest professionals.

This is a feature that many homeowners love about Talstar P. Of course; there is always the option to hire a pest management company and let them take care of the insects and bugs. But this requires money and a lot of adjustments with schedule, among other things.

Having access to an effective insecticide that you can use anytime and anywhere is a fantastic solution that not many homeowners can pass up. There is a little bit of effort that is required to mix the insecticide solution. But it is relatively easy. Talstar P also comes at an unbeatable price, which makes it a total winner in my books.

Go ahead and check out this amazing insecticide for yourself.