How Effective Is Orange Oil Termite Treatment in 2022?

Orange Oil Termite Treatment Reviews – How Effective Is It

For many homeowners, getting rid of termites is critical. But since most of the termiticides on the market are quite toxic, an increasing number of people have started considering alternative ways to tackle the problem.

One of the alternative termite treatments that is kicking up a lot of dust lately is the Orange Oil Termite Treatment from XT-2000. Made from citrus rinds, the Orange Oil Termite Treatment is as sustainable and natural as it gets. But since orange rinds have been around for centuries, why hasn’t anyone thought of this ingenious idea before? Is it really effective in exterminating the devastating termites?

Let’s find out!

Here’s a rundown of what I will provide in this Orange Oil Termite Treatment review.

  • First, I will take you through the features and benefits of this natural termiticide.
  • Next, I will discuss the drawbacks of this termiticide.
  • Then, I will briefly talk about the efficacy of the termiticide as well as the cost. This is necessary so you can make the most informed decision.
  • And finally, I will provide links to unbiased Orange Oil Termite Treatment reviews from verified customers. 

Orange Oil Termite Treatment Review .

To kick start this review, let’s look at its features and the benefits it offers.

Features and Benefits of Orange Oil Termite Treatment.

  • It is made from citrus rinds, which is natural and renewable. It contains up to 95% pure orange oil, which is chemically known as d-limonene.
  • It is specially formulated to work against dry wood termites, carpenter ants, and wood-boring beetles.
  • It kills adult termites and eggs on contact once applied. The liquid, as well as the wicking vapors, work in combination to kill the termites in all directions of the wooden structure it is applied.
  • It is non-toxic for pets as well as children, which means you can safely use the termiticide anywhere at home. It is also safe on the soil, water sources, and the environment in general.
  • This termiticide has a citrusy smell which is fresh and pleasant and lasts up to a week after application.
  • Orange oil is a no-tent treatment, meaning you don’t have to leave your home during the procedure. It saves you the headache of packing your things and searching for alternative housing and also saves you money.
  • The termiticide works with Integrated Pest Management practices, aiming to minimize the rampant use of untreated pesticides. It also meets the requirements of Escrow.
  • After this termiticide is appropriately applied, you don’t need to reapply it up to a year.
  • The application of this termiticide is a breeze.
  • Orange Oil termite treatment is also ready to use straight out of the package.

Special Features of Orange Oil Termite Treatment.

  • Natural active ingredient – This termiticide is a certified green product and contains d-Limonene as the active ingredient. The original Orange Oil from the company features a 92% purity d-Limonene, while Orange Oil contains up to 95%. Most natural termiticide that uses orange oil for termite treatment contains about 5% or 6% of d-Limonene. In comparison, the percentage of d-Limonene in XT-2000 Orange Oil is almost pure. This highly acidic concentration of citric acid makes this product lethal for termites, but it has no consequences on humans.
  • Backed by study – Orange Oil termite treatment is a termiticide that is supported by efficacy study. The results from the study conducted by Dr. Rudolf H Scheffrahn, an entomologist from the University of Florida, reported a mortality rate of up to 98% of all termites, which is an impressive result.
  • Works in two ways – One of the distinct features of this termiticide is that the oil works its lethal action on the termites in two ways: One, the oil wicks through the entire section of the wood in all directions. Any termite, eggs, or larva that comes in contact with the treated wood gradually dies as its exoskeleton deteriorates. Two, the vapors of the Orange Oil also works in the killing of the termites.
  • Eco-friendly – As one of the best natural alternatives of chemical termiticides, this product is non-toxic to the soil, the water, and the overall environment. It is also safe for use around children and pets, which makes it a great choice—this termiticide bio-degrades in less than a week, which means that it has no impact on the environment.
  • Meets the highest standards – This termiticide meets the highest standards, including escrow, as well as the practices of Integrated Pest Management. It makes the product very reliable and trusted all over the world.
  • Ready to use – A vast majority of the termiticides on the market require thorough mixing, which requires tools, time, and effort. In this regard, the XT-2000 Orange Oil is a definite winner as it is ready to use straight out of the gallon. The ready to use feature is also among the reasons why a lot of homeowners prefer to use this product as a DIY termite treatment.

Drawbacks of Orange Oil Termite Treatment.

  • Lingering citrusy smell – Although a lot of folks generally favor the scent of citrus, the constant smell can be overpowering for some people. After the application of the product, the scent can last up to a week, which cannot be tolerated by some individuals.
  • Leaves no residue – While this may be a fantastic feature for the environment, it does not offer an ongoing solution if you have an active termite infestation. Since the product bio-degrades in less than a week, its effect on the termites will not be a long-term solution.
  • Flammable property – This termiticide has a rating of 2 on the flammability chart issued by the National Fire Protection Association. This means the Orange Oil is moderately flammable. Although this is not an ongoing issue as it is biodegradable, some homeowners might be concerned.
  • Requires drilling for application – Since this termiticide is applied via drill and inject method, the wood structures need to be drilled prior to application. The drills are no larger than 7/64″ in diameter, so it won’t tamper with the structural integrity of the structure. However, some overly cautious homeowners might want to know this before you can start drilling their home. Another issue is that since drilling is required, tools including specific drill bits need to be at hand. Some states, such as California, also require boroscope.
  • Requires a separate sprayer – Since the Orange Oil termite treatment comes in a gallon, it needs to be transferred to a sprayer before application. B&G sprayer is the recommended unit. However, a one-gallon capacity sprayer from any other brand will work perfectly.

How Effective Is Orange Oil Treatment For Termites?

Orange Oil Treatment for termites is one of the most effective natural treatments. This is not just an ordinary claim to make a sale. In a study that was conducted by Dr. Rudolf H Scheffrahn, an entomologist from the University of Florida, using Orange Oil Plus with 95% d-Limonene, the mortality rate of termites was about 98% which is a very effective result.

There are, of course, a few factors that affect the effectiveness of this natural termiticide. These include:

  • Correct application of the termiticide. In this case, drilling and using the right tools to inject the termiticide.
  • The amount of moisture in the wood structure.
  • The level of termite or pest infestation.
  • How far apart or near the drills and injection are made on the wood. A drill every three to five inches is found to be the best to facilitate the efficacy of the termiticide.

Area of the infected wood vs. the volume of the termiticide injected. In Dr. Scheffrahn’s study, the volume of termiticide injected in infected pieces of timber ranging from 32.8-57.6 inches (1.46 m) was about 1 to 5 liters. Ideally, pumping 0.22 gallons (0.83 l) of Orange Oil per 1 cubic foot (ca. 28 l) is recommended.

How Much Does Orange Oil Termite Treatment Cost?

According to different distributors, the cost of XT-2000 Orange Oil termite treatment ranges from $120 to $150. The distributors include Geotech SupplyTarget, and PestWeb, among others.

On other retailer websites that are not official distributors, the cost of XT-2000 Orange Oil can be higher. For instance, on do-it-yourself-pest-control, a gallon of Orange Oil Plus costs $159 and free standard shipping. This amount may not include the shipping in some other retailers.

Considering that this termiticide is a natural alternative, its retail cost may seem steep. However, one gallon of Orange Oil contains 3.7 liters or 125 fl.oz, which is a substantial quantity. Also, the fact that it comes with almost zero environment footprint and its efficacy, it is safe to say the cost of Orange Oil termite treatment is quite competitive.

Orange Oil Vs. Tenting

When it comes to the traditional ways of termite treatment, tenting is a compulsory activity for the procedure to be effective. For the uninitiated, tenting refers to the process of covering the entire house or building with a tent for termite treatment.

A fan, as well as a hose, is also attached to the tent to pump the gas into the house or the building. This is required so that enough gas, usually sulfuryl fluoride, can be injected into the tented area. Once the gas mixes with the moisture in the soil and the environment, the termites will be killed.

Tenting is typically necessary when the termite treatment is done through the process of fumigation. The entire process of fumigation can take up to 48 hours, which means that the homeowners need to look for alternative modes of housing. It can take anywhere from 24 to 60 hours or after the pest professional certifies that it is safe that the homeowners can return home.

Orange oil Vs. tenting are on two ends of the spectrum. It is because, this termiticide can be safely performed while the homeowners are present. Orange Oil termite treatment is also safe for pets and children, so there is no need to vacate the home during application.

Tenting is also not required because Orange Oil is typically sprayed locally, so there is no need for an elaborate and time-consuming process of tenting.

XT2000 Orange Oil Reviews

There are a good number of reviews of the XT2000 Orange Oil from customers, independent reviewers as well as pest professionals. I have compiled some of the best reviews below.

Independent reviewers at praised its “quick” and “effective.” The same review also appreciated the lack of environmental damage and ease of access irrespective of the buyers’ location.

Another review site,, calls this termiticide “devastating” on the termites. It also calls the test of efficacy study “remarkable.”

Bob Shima, a pest control veteran and an affiliate of XT-2000, calls this termiticide, “very effective and easy to apply.”

Bottom Line

By now, you must have a pretty good idea about the goodness of this green termiticide, i.e., Orange Oil termite treatment. As a natural alternative, it is, without a doubt, one of the most potent termiticides for getting rid of termites. It is non-toxic, easy on the inhabitants and the environment but lethal for the bugs.

The increasing level of toxicity in the environment is a constant concern, especially for our children. So, if you can get a chance to get rid of a pest problem with no footprint, it is a fantastic way to make the planet a safer place.

Is XT-2000 Orange Oil termite treatment the ultimate solution to getting rid of termites permanently? No. it is not a magic potion after all. But considering its benefits including safe application without vacating your home, all-natural ingredients, and, of course, its competitive pricing, it is definitely a termiticide worth checking out.