Termite Treatment Guides

Our specialized guides provide you with all the information, tips, and resources you need when it comes to termite treatment. Whether you’re dealing with an infestation or just seeking preventative control solutions, our comprehensive guides will show you how different types of treatments work and which products are best for taking termite pest control into your own hands.

We currently have three resource guides available for homeowners: Orange Oil Treatments, Nematodes, and Termiticide Sprays – each offering key insights on how these treatments are applied and what products recommend using.

Orange Oil & Citrus Oil Treatments (D-Limonene Termiticides)

Orange Oil Treatments involve introducing orange oil extracts directly into termite galleries in order to eradicate colonies without damaging wood structures. When used correctly, this method is both effective at killing existing infestations as well as providing a powerful preventive barrier against future re-infestation attempts from other colonies.

Our guide provides easy-to-follow instructions on application techniques along with product recommendations that have been proven successful in the industry by skilled pest control professionals.

Beneficial Nematodes for Termites

Nematodes are microscopic organisms that naturally prey on insects like termites while remaining harmless to humans, animals, and plants alike. They can be injected directly into affected areas or even mixed with water and sprayed onto soil.

Our guide will show you exactly how to apply nematodes, including when and where it is most effective for long-term termite protection.

Termiticide Spray Treatments

Termiticide Sprays are a combination of chemicals and surfactants that create an immediate barrier against termites. This method can be used both as an initial treatment for infestations as well as an ongoing preventative measure.

Our guide provides information on the types of termiticides available, application techniques, and best practices for obtaining the strongest possible termite control results.

We hope these guides provide you with all the information necessary to take control of your termite problems and protect your home from damage caused by future infestations.