Termites in the Spring – Infestation Prevention Tips

As the temperature rises, termites become more active and can cause significant damage to your home or office building.

Avoid costly repairs by following these helpful springtime prevention tips that will keep you a step ahead of those pesky pests:

Eliminate Moisture

If you want to protect your home from termites, then it’s essential that you reduce any sources of moisture.

Here are our recommended tips:

  • Fix leaky pipes and faucets right away.
  • Address any water damage on the roofing, walls, or foundation quickly.
  • Install a dehumidifier in areas like basements and crawl spaces with high humidity levels.
  • Inspect gutters and downspouts regularly to ensure they’re not clogged, bent up, or malfunctioning.

Remove Wood Debris

Once you have tackled moisture problems, it is necessary to get rid of any wooden materials in the vicinity. After all, wood serves as a source of nourishment for these pests!

Here are our recommended tips:

  • Keep piles of firewood or lumber at least 20 feet away from your home.
  • Remove any fallen trees or branches from your yard.
  • Clear out any woodpiles or lumber stacks near your home.
  • Don’t use untreated wood mulch around your home.

Seal Cracks and Openings

Termites can enter your home through the tiniest cracks and openings, so you must look for those areas and prevent them from gaining access.

Here are our recommended tips:

  • Seal any cracks in the foundation or walls of your home.
  • Make sure all windows and doors are properly sealed.
  • Repair any damaged screens or vents.
  • Fill in any gaps around pipes or utility lines entering your home.

Schedule a Termite Inspection

Even if you haven’t seen any signs of termites, it’s a good idea to schedule a termite inspection in the spring.

Here are our recommended tips:

  • Hire a licensed pest control specialist to inspect your home.
  • Have the inspector check for signs of termites like mud tubes and damaged wood.
  • Ask the inspector for recommendations on termite prevention and treatment.

Consider Professional Termite Treatment

If the inspector finds signs of termites, it’s important to take action immediately.

Here are our recommended tips:

  • Ask the pest control specialist about the best termite treatment options for your home.
  • Consider a liquid termiticide treatment or baiting system to eliminate termites.
  • Make sure to follow all safety precautions and directions when using any termite treatment.

By following these springtime termite prevention tips, you can protect your home from termites and enjoy a pest-free season.

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