Guidelines for Hiring the Right Termite Control Company

Different people all over the world experience different pest problems, and one of them is termite infestation. Identifying and eliminating these pests is not an easy job to perform as they can easily hide and thrive almost anywhere. It’s the responsibility of a termite control company to identify their location and eliminate the threat.

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year especially in the U.S. These insects feed themselves on books, woods, damage paper, filtration systems, swimming pool liners, and insulation. They can also damage shrubs and living trees, which makes them enter your homes easily.

Factors to Look For In a Termite Control Company

Some people consider termites as pesky ants and ignore them without seeking any kind of professional help. This will lead to worse damage to their homes and might be more expensive than hiring a termite control company. However, you should look for the right company to complete the job you needed.

Here are a few factors to consider in hiring the ideal professionals for you.

1. Service Guarantees

The terms and conditions are something based on which one can decide whether or not to select a particular company to get their services. When a person finds a guarantee paper from a company about the services which they promise to provide, then they feel relaxed and satisfied.

However, not all pest control companies come with a guarantee form.  Before you purchase their services, make sure to look for all the terms and conditions that you need. There might be services that are not suitable for your situation.

You can easily spot genuine services through their licenses and permits. A termite control company can claim that they provide legitimate services to its customers on demand. However, only a few stay true to their claims.

2. Reputation

This is one of the most important points that you must check before taking services from any pest control company. If a company which you are planning to select has a good reputation in the marketplace then it means that they can fulfill their duty and provide all the services which they promised. However, some companies are unable to deliver what they say.

Moreover, do not forget to find out that the company which you are planning to select is a member of your state pest control association. A company’s strong connections with different associations show that they are up to date on the latest pest control education and technologies.

In checking their reputation, whether, through personal contacts or online users, you should ask them relevant questions based on their experience. One of the essential questions you can ask is about the company’s consultation methods.

You should know how the company deals with unexpected problems, such as natural structure damage or pest harborage area, which in these cases professionals should not proceed to any treatments yet before consulting you or any client. They should give advice to what is best in these situations and if any treatment is still necessary.

If you have ample knowledge, or they seem reliable, about how they handle any situation carefully, you will have no worries on your head. Consultations should be done before, during, and after their working process.

3. Contract Transparency

A contract or proposal is a written or printed document that contains details of services given by a particular pest control company. It contains a detailed explanation of a company’s plan for copies of pesticide labels, chemical treatment measures, detailed information on woodwork or repair, and warranties.

Always avoid taking any kind of rush decision. Take proper time and review numerous proposals from a large number of companies before making a final decision. Try to review every proposal thoroughly and select the one which completely matches with your requirements.

4. Pricing

No one wants to spend a large amount of money to get rid of termites. As pest control is an imperative service to recover the superiority and eminence of life, the costs for the services need to be realistic and affordable.

Various companies are liable for taking advantage of the suffering that their clients are going in the course of infestation to utilize them economically. Such corporations should be avoided at all means. Always keep this in your mind that a good company is the one who thinks about their clients first. Always compare the price with the offered services before making a final decision.

5. Positive Online Reviews

Technology is improving day by day. With the help of social media accounts, it has become easy for people to ask for recommendations about almost anything. In case your family and friends recommend some pest control company, then the best approach is to visit the website of that particular company and check the reviews. It will help you in making a proper understanding of that particular organization.

6. Documentation

You should not be contented with their proofs of services and reviews from other people. You should also consider their work process and anything after that. This is the purpose of a report or documentation, which is to record all actions done to your home along with the cost.

Companies have their own format of presenting the report to you, but you can request some specific services you want to see on the report. Some of these includes:

  • Types of Treatment: The report should indicate specific details on what types of treatment, baits or chemicals, were applied. Their treatment should be in accordance with government laws and safe for everyone living near the affected area.
  • Service Costs: Most, if not all, companies include the service costs in their report, but not all make it transparent. You need to check whether all costs are accounted for and nothing is hidden from you. This is useful to check their prices and decide whether to take their services again or not anymore.
  • Written Professional Advice: Advice is mostly done verbally, but if you cannot remember all of it, you can request the company to write them down. This is crucial after checking their progress on your home. You need to know whether there are additional actions that you need to do, or should they come back after a few days for further inspections without additional costs. Make sure everything is clear and agreed between you and the company.

Before starting the job, professionals usually ask the homeowner a series of questions to get a better understanding of the history of the home. The questions can be what year the house was built, past termite tribulations and treatments used where relevant, additions made to the house. All these questions will help the professional in providing the most appropriate solution to get rid of termites.

What are Termites?

termite control

Termites are inexorable and insistent pests and if left unattended they can cause serious structural damage to your home. It is important for homeowners to get a termite check every year, particularly if you have seen substantiation and facts of termites or practiced an infestation in the past. While conducting a check, the pest controller will look for confirmation of all types of pests, not just termites.

Termites are small but are plentiful, which makes them very efficient in destroying home structures. These pests lines in bigger groups called colonies. There are about 2,000 known species of termites present on earth. The termite swarmers have wings, and they can reproduce and create colonies. While worker termites, which are sterile and unable to reproduce, focus on working by collecting food for the colony.

Signs of Termite Damage

Termite damage looks similar to water damage. Some of the superficial signs of termite damage include swollen floors, ceilings, noticeable mazes within furniture and walls, and buckling wood. Termite infestations can also give off a scent comparable to mold or mildew.

Subterranean termites can easily access the above-ground food sources through mud tunnels. The mud tunnels are also called mounds which are made from mud, feces, and termites’ saliva. These mounds are situated near the foundation of infested homes.

Similarly, the dry wood termites build their colonies in wooden structures and feed on them. These pests damage furniture pieces and wooden floors. In case you found something on your floors or walls then the best approach is to call the pests controller before getting into any kind of trouble.

Only a few homeowners are able to identify termite damage in their homes, which is why you need to hire professionals to fully identify all places for treatment. There might be places that you didn’t expect for termites to live and you might leave it untreated. With the help of a termite control company, everything is done safely and meticulously for everyone’s safety.

When to Handle Termites on Your Own?

In case you are unable to seek professional help while getting rid of termites does not mean that you will be stuck in the situation. First of all, identify the problem completely. Some prominent symptoms of termites infestation are sagging floors, hollow parts of your foundation, and holes in woodwork.

If you notice such issues, then try to examine foundation beams and crawl spaces by tapping on the wood in order to check for hollowness. Also, use the screwdriver and push it into the wood in order to test the strength and potency. If the wood falls apart easily, then it means you are having a termite problem in your home. You can then make use of all the possible precautionary measures in order to solve the problem.

One can eliminate termite infestation by making use of beneficial nematodes. Beneficial Nematodes are basically a small unregimented worm species that are natural parasites to garden pests counting termites. Beneficial Nematodes search for hosts, and hideaway into them. It usually causes death in the time spell of 48 hours.

One can easily purchase beneficial nematodes at their confined garden supply store or online. Presently, there are around five varieties that turns out for sale. In case of using them in soil temperatures above 60 °F (16 °C), the best approach is to use them immediately after buying. In case you do not use them instantly, store them carefully in a refrigerator.

Expose Your Wooden Item to Sunlight For Basic Termite Treatment

If the termite-infested piece is not your home but rather a portion of furniture or a piece that can be removed from your dwelling, simply place it in sunlight. Exposing a wooden item in sunlight also helps in eliminating the termite infestation. The reason is that the termites flourish in darkness, and the sunlight and heat from the sun can help in killing them. In order to completely remove the infestation from a piece of wooden furniture, place it in sunlight for more than 2 days.

Use of Chemicals and Boric Acid for Termite Treatment

The use of liquid medicines and boric acid is one of the most frequent and effectual ways to eliminate termites in your home. It is the insecticide used in a lot of store-bought termite control company insecticides. Different chemicals and boric acid shut down the termite’s tense system while dehydrating it.

The best way of killing termites with boric acid is to make use of bait stations. Simply place the boric acid bait in the backyard or patch near your home or in an open infestation. Try to keep a proper check on the bait station on a regular basis and stock up it with boric acid as required.

There are various pest control products that are easily available in the market. Such products are user-friendly, safe to use, extremely effective and humane. Some companies use mostly similar products, but make sure that they are from reputable brands, and be aware of termite treatment health risks.

The Bottom Line

Termites are intelligent species, and they mainly get their food from wood, which is usually found in your furniture or house structure. They are not easily found and they can bring serious harm to people if left unattended. Killing them on your own might result in worse conditions, which is why there are professional termites treatment companies. Don’t put yourself to harm by handling these problems on your own, but always seek professional help first.

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