Tampa Bay Area Homeowners Brace for Asian Subterranean Termite Invasion

The Asian Subterranean Termite, a menace known for its destructive capacity, has been steadily invading Florida for more than 25 years.

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, the Asian Subterranean Termite had been exclusively a problem for southeast Florida, impacting Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the surrounding metro area.

Thanks to increased human activity, these destructive pests have expanded their reach across the Sunshine State, and have even been found infesting boats.

Now, they have set their sights on Tampa.

This foreign species of termite poses a significant risk to residential and commercial properties across the Tampa Bay metropolitan area and could be particularly destructive in the communities such as Hyde Park, Harbour Island, and Davis Islands.

Residents who are interested in protecting their homes and businesses need to be especially vigilant.

Memorial Day Weekend Weather is a Termite Paradise

With the Memorial Day weekend activities heating up, the weather in Tampa calls for periodic rain showers and high temperatures in the upper 80s through Friday. With the rain comes higher humidity levels, too – and this gives these termites the necessary conditions to thrive and start new colonies.

According to Thomas Chouvenc, Assistant Professor of Urban Entomology at Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center:

“Conducting intensive tree inspection efforts in the known infested areas would slow down the spread of this invasive termite species in this area, save many trees, and prevent costly damages to structures.”

With this in mind, we encourage homeowners to be prepared and informed on ways in which they can protect their property.

Strike First: Make the Most of the Weather Window

Weather predictions indicate drier conditions from Memorial Day onward, presenting an optimal opportunity for proactive measures.

Placing online orders for termite control products today will mean that homeowners would have the tools and treatments necessary for their lawns, gardens, and foundations in advance of the dry weather forecasted for next week.

Nisus Bora-Care: This comprehensive termite solution has proven to be effective against all forms of subterranean termites. The deep-penetrating formula ensures that your property gets year-round protection against termite threats, and can be applied in a variety of ways – including being sprayed or brushed when diluted with water.

This 1-gallon termiticide product comes in a concentrated formula, so there should be plenty of product available to treat entire properties.

Spectracide Accushot ThumbnailSpectracide Terminate Termite & Carpenter Ant Killer: For a quick response to termite invasion, consider Spectracide Terminate.

Its patented AccuShot® continuous power sprayer ensures that your property gets a comprehensive application, and it is great for when mud tubes and other signs of termites appear on the ground in close proximity to foundations and concrete slabs.

Bioadvanced ThumbnailBioAdvanced Carpenter Ant & Termite Killer Plus: For immediate elimination of termites upon contact, BioAdvanced’s product is the way to go.

This versatile solution can be used on a variety of surfaces and is particularly effective where moisture lurks. The fact that it’s safe for use indoors also provides additional peace of mind for homeowners concerned that they may be late in responding to a termite problem.

Long-Term Strategy: Regular Inspections and Professional Help

Despite these precautions, if signs like mud tubes or swarmers (termites with wings) are detected, it’s always wise to seek professional assistance.

Lance McDonald, Quality Assurance Termite Manager at Truly Nolen, warns:

“…The only way that you really know you have termites, is when you start seeing signs of mud tubes, or swarmers… then you know you’re in big trouble.”

Regular inspections are crucial for early detection given that these termites establish their population underground. This can help prevent an infestation from reaching critical levels and causing extensive damage to your property.

Conclusion: Be Proactive and Stand Guard Against the Invasion

The impending weather conditions make it essential for Tampa’s property owners to act now. High-profile areas like Hyde Park, Harbour Island, and Davis Islands are not immune to this threat.

Remember, the risk is real, but the solutions are within reach.

Start implementing DIY termite control measures to deter these invasive pests today and be ready to protect your property as the drier weather begins next week.

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