Texas Panhandle Braces for Serious Termite Issues in 2023

The Texas Panhandle region is expected to face serious termite problems in the warm, wetter months ahead of us in 2023.

Earlier this week, Kelsey Davis of KFDA NewsChannel 10 in Amarillo Texas highlighted the potential for termite infestations to be a major concern in the region due to the expectation of favorable weather conditions predicted by local forecasters and termite experts.

As a wet spring turns to summer, the high humidity and moist soil in the region are likely to create the perfect conditions that subterranean termites need to thrive. As a result, termite populations are expected to increase rapidly which can lead to structural damage to homes, businesses, and other buildings throughout the Texas Panhandle.

In one study conducted by researchers at Penn State University, termites were estimated to cause almost $30 billion in damages each year in the United States.

Importance of Preventive Measures

Since residents of the Texas Panhandle will likely see an increase in termite activity in 202, the team here at Best Termite Killer advocates for preventative measures before termites become a major problem.

Property owners looking to protect their structures are encouraged to:

  • Conduct regular inspections for mud tubes or other signs of termite dwellings around the foundations of structures and wood piles.
  • Pre-treating potential hotspots with a liquid or granular termiticide.
  • Check for moisture sources like leaky windows or pipes which make ideal habitats for termites gaining entry into structures.
  • Have licensed pest control companies perform home or property inspections at least every other year.

Preventative Products for Vigilant Homeowners

If you live in the Texas Panhandle or another region expecting to deal with the same weather and climate concerns this Spring, our editorial team recommends a few products that can help you to pre-treat your property.

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