New Orleans On Alert As Formosan Termites Swarm: Precautions To Take Now

Swarming formosan termites are back in New Orleans, a regular occurrence during springtime.

Due to recent storms and an increase in temperature, these pests are likely to colonize and pose a threat to homes. Residents in areas such as Bywater, Uptown, the French Quarter, and Lakeview should be aware of this annual problem.

Formosan termites are present in the Greater New Orleans area and can be recognized by their oval-shaped heads and wings. They are capable of visibly swarming and taking to the air, which can be both fascinating and alarming for homeowners.

There were storms over the weekend that brought precipitation on Saturday, May 20th, and made the air more humid. This increase in moisture, along with a temperature increase of almost 10 degrees Fahrenheit this week, with highs in the upper 80’s, is creating ideal conditions for termites to thrive. These pests build their colonies in the ground using mud tubes and are more likely to do so in these conditions.

Homeowners in New Orleans and surrounding areas need to be careful because termites thrive in moist conditions. Simple actions like clearing dead trees, scrap wood, and cardboard from your yard can prevent termites from multiplying. Try to keep plants and landscaping at least one foot away from your home to discourage termites from creating colonies.

Property owners should also promptly fix any leaks in outdoor faucets, water lines, indoor fixtures, drains, and appliances. If mulch is used in your landscaping, it is advised to keep it as far from your home as possible. Sealing up any cracks in walls and foundations helps to prevent termites from gaining access to the home.

Regular inspections by licensed professionals are highly recommended due to the significant termite threat in our region. These professionals can detect early signs of termite infestations, which helps to minimize property damage.

Homeowners can make use of termite bait stations and sprays, which are popular pest control products, to strengthen their pest control efforts. Additionally, they can introduce nematodes for termites, which are beneficial microorganisms, into their yards and landscaping for a natural and long-lasting method of controlling termites.

Each year, the residents of New Orleans expect a swarming of Formosan termites, which requires prompt and proactive action. As property owners who have dealt with termite infestations, The Best Termite Killer Editorial Team supports you in this fight against these destructive pests. We are dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date news, advice, and product recommendations.

Stay alert, stay informed, and remember – prevention is always better than cure.

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